"The challenge of the retail business is
the human condition."

Howard Schultz

Starbucks chairman

Fashion is one of the industries where the changes in consumer behaviour will reflect with greater impact, since there is such a strong connection between the product and the consumer. However, it is as well also one of the industries that fails to incorporate new ways.


According to WGSN white paper Future-proofing your brand:

        "54% of fashion brands say “failure to innovate” is the biggest threat to the longevity of their company". 


Trends are moving faster than ever, social media and e-commerce are changing the retail game. How to keep up with the trends without compromising the spirit of the brand is one of the biggest challenges that can be faced, but it is definitely possible with the right team and mindset. 

Collaborating with an agency like AlonsoAlonso will allow you to get a global and diversified point of view on your brand and your strategy while your own teams focus on keeping the company DNA strong. Here are some of the retail-specific services that we can provide.

Trend research & forecasting.
Product design & engineering
International market research.
Sourcing & Merchandising
Collection & range building
Retail & VM
Digital transformation
Cultural liaison
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