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If you are not in Social Media, you don´t exist. But if you are in social media, and you are using it wrong, you are doing your brand more harm than good.

#1 : You use the wrong channels.

Social Media, together with your website, should be a perfect mirror of your brand online. Nowadays there is multiple channels which support different kind of content and ways of interaction with your customer.

However, to have the proper impact, you need to make sure you use the channels that your target audience is using! If you are targeting tweens and teens, for example, Instagram stories are absolutely necessary. Are you trying to develop a BTB-focused campaign? Then you better make sure your LinkedIn game is off the charts.

#2 : You spam your followers.

You can´t use your Social Media channels just to advertise products and services. Period. It won´t work.

Social Media users are looking to interact with their friends and family and be aware of important events. If you flood their feeds with constant advertisements two things will happen : you will see a negative impact on the perception of your brand and you will get unfollowed.

Follow the 80/20 rule :80% content 20% promotion.

#3 : You have the wrong content

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to branding, is not properly defining the niche. The "one size fits all" mentality has no room in the current commercial landscape ; there is so many options available that if you don´t stand out you will not get any attention.

Different people have different mindsets, needs and wants; therefore they will respond best to a certain kind of content .Try to imagine your full audience as one single person and understand what intrigues, inspires and seduces him/her. It´s also very important to understand that not all content needs to be directly related to your product or service.

For example, say you want to create a kick-ass digital marketing plan for a vegan sugar-free yoghourt brand : we can assume that the consumer that will be attracted to this product is trying to live a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Vegan recipes, work-out routines or collaboration with non-profit organisations are likely to be very well received.

#4 : You don´t curate your feed

As we said before, Social Media is the mirror of your brand online, and the current generation lives online. You need to have a clear, attractive branding, and make sure it is perfectly reflected in all the communication channels with your audience. This, of course, includes all your Social Media accounts.

Use only high quality images and video, make sure to keep an uniform color scheme, write captions that appeal to your target audience, and maintain a consistent posting schedule. Nobody likes a messy feed.

#5: You don´t interact with your audience

Communication is a two way street : don´t only speak to your audience, hear what they have to say to you! Not only will it help their engagement with the brand but you will also get super useful insights on their needs and wants.

Make sure you reply to every-single-comment (positive or negative!) and that you use a language that relates to your target. Ask questions in your captions, create contests and giveaways, comment on your followers feeds...make sure you take advantage of every tool Social Media gives you to make your audience feel that you are another one of their friends.

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