Delocalisation of the production has allowed Far-East manufacturers to expand their businesses and Western retailers to be able to source quality items at a competitive price.

However, they are still sitting in opposites sides of the world.


It´s incredibly challenging for manufacturers to be able to capture, understand and apply western trends into their product, when the final costumer is as far physically, as it is culturally.


This, unfortunately more than often, incurs in an ineffective management of efforts and the loss of valuable time and resources from both sides.


MAKERS/REPORT is intended as a cultural bridge between West and East, in the shape of a service which is part cultural liaison and part product engineering.


Our designers capture the trends and retail needs of the key European retail hubs,

which then get translated into clear product direction reports by a team of buying and merchandising experts with cross-cultural experience.


The trends get dissected and developed into clear and actionable directions, that manufacturers can use in order to develop the product to suit their clients needs and wants at the appropriate time.





The "one size fits all" approach is one of the most common mistakes that Eastern manufacturers make when approaching Western companies. 

Our reports are created specifically to highlight the strengths of your particular set up and direct them towards servicing your desired target market. 

Each report is targeted towards a specific gender and product category, mimicking the way factories and internal product development teams are organised, to make sure all information included in them is relevant and actionable.

MAKERS/REPORT focuses on key volume drivers ; basics and seasonal basics.

There are two main reasons for this :

- Buyers and designers usually spend most of their time researching and developing the trendier and newest items ,since they are both the most interesting to work on as well as the ones that will be highlighted the most in campaigns and in-store. This means that the key volume drivers (basics and seasonal basics) many times receive less attention than they should, despite their relevance to the business.

- Basic, seasonal basics as well as fashion items need to be continuously updated - fits, detailing and color are subject to trends and although these details sound simple, they are also critical. Unfortunately these details depend a lot of the specific trends and taste of the customers which is very different from East to West.

By being able to present buyers with a collection of properly updated basics and seasonal basics, the manufacturer will help solve a gap in the product development department while, at the same time, gain access to the highest volume orders.

Traditional trends and product reports are mainly inspirational, since they are targeted towards design and buying team.

MAKERS/REPORT is directed towards the industry, therefore we process that inspiration for you and transform it into very clear actionable instructions.  

- Introduction of the trend and product focus.

- Color, material, and detailing guide. 

- Reference pictures

- Key shapes sketches and measurement tables.


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