Meet Adela Alonso Alonso, the mind and soul behind our consultancy.


Born in Spain and educated in the best universities in Spain,Italy and UK; Adela started her entrepreneurial journey after 10+ years working in the fashion industry. Her multi-faceted experience covering from visual merchandising, design, sourcing and buying gave her a 360° understanding of the internal processes and the product lifecycle. Her international trajectory in Europe, Middle East and Far East helped her understand the challenges and dynamics of cross-cultural business.


This experience, together with an almost-unhealthy obsession with problem solving and behavioural science led her to channel her career towards high-level strategy and branding. 


From a very young age I have had problems accepting the way things they were, and I kept questioning "why?" if I could not understand them. This attitude helped me realise how often we do things on a certain way (in work and in life), not because it´s the best way to do it, but just because this is what we are used to. 

The world is changing very fast. Our taste, our needs, our lifestyles are changing and thus businesses need to be able to constantly adapt or else they become inefficient and irrelevant.

People say, "You need to think outside the box". I always say I am box-blind. We need to forget about the box altogether.

Adela Alonso Alonso, Founder & retail director.

"When you need to innovate, 
you need collaboration.."

Marissa Mayer

Former Yahoo! CEO

At AlonsoAlonso we believe that true innovation, finding new paths and solutions for current and future questions, is not only the way for small and big companies to move forward, but as well one of the most difficult things to achieve.

Innovative solutions require creativity and vision, but as well strong analytical skills and deep understanding of the business and the markets. All of these skills are rarely found in one single individual, therefore we believe the best way to bring these worlds together is by building a strong team around each individual project.

In AlonsoAlonso we work with a wide network of international experts in different fields, that we engage on the projects depending of the requirements and the target market of the client.

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